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We can provide that one off break fix or create an ongoing relationship and manage all your time consuming IT tasks.


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With our systems and process’s we endeavour to make sure you systems and infrastructure stays at there peak performance with minimal interruptions to your workflow.

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Is your business or company compliant with these regulatory requirements? If not don’t stress! We can help you meet these requirements with our services.

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Frequently Asked Question

Need to know how we can best manage and support your infrastructure and business?

No. We offer a break fix service to any new or existing client that just needs that one off support to get there computer, laptop or printer back on track.

Yes. We can adapt to your needs as required. We will initially set you up on a minimum commitment agreement where we negotiate what devices and services you will initially require when we come on board and then make additional services available at an additional cost.

We will have an expert IT professional come to your site and digitally map your network and determine what services will help you remain compliant and secure. From this initial assessment we will be able to advise you on the needs for the size of your infrastructure and the types of devices on your network.

The cost is some think that is generally left for a discussion. We need to work out exactly what the issue or requirements are before we can provide you with an estimate. If it is a simple break fix it may be a small fee to examine your system and diagnose it. It maybe something simple you can go to our help desk and find the answer for free. Or it may be some think that will require us to do a complete and comprehensive onboarding. Best to just contact us and we will be able to get you an exact quote.

As a part of your commitment to you we supply a legal contract advising about the retention and accessibility of your private and personal data. These are in compliance with the Privacy Act in Victoria and all information is sent via encrypted tunnels to help prevent misuse and interference with that data.

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